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Good Chisel Sense

The simplest tool in your chest is also the most sensitive and versatile; here’s how to set up a chisel to a high level and wield it like a maestro. by Christopher Schwarz pgs. 20-27 It’s almost impossible to build furniture without a chisel, yet most woodworkers I’ve met (even professionals) have chisels that...

William & Mary Side Table

Turned drops and legs, arches and serpentine stretchers typify this ornate 17th-century style. by Kerry Pierce pgs. 28-36 When someone uses the term “period furniture,” we think most often of the Queen Anne, Chippendale and Federal genres. Certainly these have been the most influential styles in Western furniture-making history. But there have been other...

Make Your Own Plywood

Shop-made ply can achieve shapes and forms solid wood just can’t handle. by Jameel Abraham pgs. 37-41 The title of this article may sound silly, or perhaps us woodworkers have just run out of things to write about? Now that is silly. But why on earth would anyone want to make plywood? It’s almost...

Faux Urushi

Poison sumac for a perfect finish? A quick epoxy fake-out spares the itch. by Donald C. Williams pgs. 42-49 Within the ongoing renaissance of fine furniture making, I find myself an enthusiastic evangelist and ardent agitator for the full appreciation of decorative surfaces in most iterations, especially finishing. To many skilled furniture makers, I’m...

Breadboard End Cutting Board

Practice a centuries-old technique on this small contemporary piece. by David Picciuto pgs. 50-54 Found on everything from refined 18th-century highboys to muscled Arts & Crafts tables, breadboard ends are a handsome and time-tested way to prevent wooden panels from warping over time. Correctly made, breadboard ends not only keep panels flat, but also...

Show Off Your Work – It Could Win You $1k

Dig out the best pictures of your work – or get started now on a new piece – and enter the fifth annual PWM Excellence Awards for a chance at the $1,000 grand prize. Submissions will be accepted in five categories from April 1-June 16 at popularwoodworking.com/2017readerexcellence. There’s no fee to enter – the...

Tool Test: J. Wilding Hollow & Round Planes

Simple and functional, these moulding planes perform as they should. by Megan Fitzpatrick pg. 12 Jeremiah Wilding is relatively new to the wooden planemaker brethren, but his planes perform as if he’s been making them for decades – and he’s offering them at a price that won’t break the bank. I tested a J....

Tool Test: Beadlock Pro Joinery Kit

by David Thiel pg. 14 I looked to the Beadlock Pro recently when I found myself needing four loose-tenon joints for a project – I wanted an economic but quick solution, and didn’t want to make a router jig. The Beadlock system, which cuts mortises up to 31⁄2″ wide, uses a standard drill bit...

Tool Test: Veritas Mortise Chisels from Lee Valley Tools

by James McConnell pg.14 The Veritas (Lee Valley) mortise chisels are awesome in every sense of the word. They’re big, heavy and can plow through a mortise in just a few good passes. The size, shape and substantial thickness of the blades bring English “dagger”-style mortise chisels to mind, while the overall shape and...